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Speed matters

Windographer quickly imports data from almost any format and automatically determines the data structure. So you can get straight to analyzing your data, rather than spending your time specifying details such as the time step or the date format.

Import all kinds of data

Windographer reads virtually all data formats common to the wind power industry, including met tower data from Renewable NRG Systems, SecondWind, Ammonit, Kintech, Campbell Scientific, and Wilmers, SoDAR data from ASC, AQSystem, and the Triton, LiDAR data from Windcube, Pentalum, and ZephIR, and modeled data from AWS Truepower, 3Tier, Vortex, and the UK Met Office.

Intelligent data import

When importing data files, Windographer automatically identifies which columns contain wind speed, standard deviation, vertical wind speed, direction, temperature, pressure, and relative humidity data. It also automatically identifies measurement heights and boom orientations, and assigns meaningful names and colors to each data column. You can confirm or modify any of its decisions.

Combine multiple data files

The File > Append process adds data from one or more data files to an existing data set. You can use it to add data to the existing data columns, or to add new data columns. You can append a hundred RWD files in single step, for example, or add SoDAR data to met tower data to create a composite data set. The append window shows a column map that graphically displays how the new data will fit into the existing data set.

Adjust calibration constants

See the whole calibration history of your data set, and adjust slopes and offsets easily. When you import RWD or NDF files, Windographer automatically reads the calibration constants so you can quickly see the calibration status and make any necessary corrections.

Database integration

The Enterprise edition can interact with SQL databases. It can read from and write to any SQL database that supports stored procedures. It communicates with the database exclusively via stored procedure calls, so it does not need to know anything about the underlying data structure.

Free MERRA-2 data download

Download MERRA-2 data for anywhere on the surface of the earth for free. Downloading through the Windnavigator website takes a few minutes per grid point.