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Windographer Data Downloader

This tool allows you to download long-term meteorological data for anywhere on the surface of the Earth for free. It currently supports the download of MERRA and MERRA-2 data, and in the future it may incorporate additional data sources. It downloads a full 35-year data set from Windnavigator in about two minutes. It shows you the four nearest grid points on a map, letting you choose the one for which you wish to download data. Note that as of September 2016, direct download from NASA website is no longer available through this tool.

The MERRA-2 data sets that you download using this tool contain hourly time series values of the following four variables:

  • Wind speed at 50m above ground (m/s)
  • Wind direction at 50m above ground (°)
  • Temperature at ground level (°C)
  • Pressure at ground level (kPa)

The MERRA data sets are no longer being updated and include data through February 2016.

You can save the data to a text file, open it in Windographer, and use it for long-term reference data provided you are aware of the limitations of this kind of data. You can launch this tool from Windographer by going to Tools > Data Downloader. It will automatically start up at the latitude/longitude specified in your Windographer data set.