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Flag By Scatter Plot

Windographer lets you apply or remove flags in several ways, one of which is by clicking on a scatter plot. This video gives a quick demonstration:

Other windows in Windographer let you quality control your data by looking at time series graphs, or by writing mathematical rules, but sometimes you just want to flag on a scatter plot. The Flag By Scatter Plot window lets you do that, and gives you a lot of control over exactly which points appear in the graph. You can choose whether to see data points that have already been flagged, and whether you want to color code by flag status.

You can also control how you select points. Clicking and dragging draws a polygon, either rectangular, triangular, or free-form. Or just click a particular point to select it. Once you have selected some points, click the appropriate button to apply or remove the flag of your choice.

The Flag Manually window provides another way to flag data segments one at a time, and you can write flag rules to flag many data segments at once based on mathematical search criteria.