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Triton Data in Windographer

Screenshot of Configure Data Set window with Triton data set

Windographer works nicely with Triton data. It reads Triton data files quickly and reliably, automatically identifying speed, direction, turbulence, and quality data columns at each measurement height.

The Configure Data Set window appears when you open a data file so that you can adjust the configuration if necessary, but Windographer should get it right every time. That means you can get straight to analyzing your data.

Diurnal profile graph of Triton wind speed data in Windographer

And the Triton gives you plenty of data to analyze. With all those measurement heights, Triton data makes good use of Windographer's data visualization capabilities. Wind roses, histograms, scatter plots, diurnal profile plots, and vertical shear profile graphs let you see your data from every angle.

Raw Triton data files clearly identify the quality of every data point -- that's one of the things we like best about Triton data. So with a few clicks you can run a single 'flag rule' to flag all low-quality data points at all measurement heights, allowing you to filter them out of the calculations.

Screenshot of Windographer's Inflow Angle Analysis window showing graph of inflow angle versus direction

The many analysis modules in Windographer let you dig deeper into shear, turbulence, data recovery, extreme wind speeds, and so on. You can analyze data recovery by height, month, time of day, direction, or any combination of those factors, or focus down to a single time step to see how the vertical speed profile changes from one time step to the next, for example, or to search for the telltale signs of backscattering or other problems.

The vertical speed data that the Triton produces allows calculation of the inclination angle or inflow angle of the wind, as the screenshot on the right shows.

You can also compare your Triton data with a nearby met tower, or use it in an MCP analysis or to estimate wind turbine performance.

The video below shows a quick overview of using Windographer to analyze Triton data.