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Visualize Your Data

More graphs than you can shake a stick at.

Windographer provides a wide range of graphs and tables to display not only the data from the original data file, but also calculated quantities such as air density and turbulence intensity. Flexible filter and display settings give you a high degree of control, and fast updates mean you can change settings and see the effect immediately.

Windographer main summary tab

Dashboard-style summary

See the key information at a glance: vertical wind shear profile, wind frequency rose, seasonal and diurnal profiles, mean temperature, pressure, air density, wind power density, and wind shear coefficients.

Windographer Time series graph tab

Scrollable time series graphs

A unique time series graph allows you to zoom in and out, scroll forwards or backwards in time, show or hide data columns, and compare side-by-side all with single clicks.

Windographer wind rose tab

Wind roses

Create many types of wind roses, including frequency by direction, mean value of any data column by direction, total wind energy by direction, and even polar scatterplots. Subdivide by month or time of day, and filter in several ways. Wind roses update in real time as you change their properties.

Windographer daily diurnal profile graph tab

Diurnal profiles

Plot the average diurnal profile of any data column. Filter by date, flag, direction sector, or other criteria, and choose between creating a single graph or one graph for each month.

Windographer frequency Histograph tab

Frequency histograms

Plot frequency histograms for any data column. For wind speed data columns, Windographer overlays the best-fit Weibull distribution. You can filter in many ways, and choose between creating a single graph or one graph for each month.

Windographer scatterplot tab

Scatter plots

A scatter plot lets you plot one data column versus another, allowing you to see the relationship between variables, and to detect problems in the data.

Windograph statistics table tab


Windographer produces many different statistical summary tables, which you can easily export to a spreadsheet for further analysis.