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Windographer Monitor

Data management automation for Windographer Enterprise users.

Price depends on number of monitored data sets

What It Does

Windographer Monitor helps Windographer Enterprise users automate the ingestion of data into their database. It monitors a set of folders and when a file containing logger data appears in one of those folders, it automatically opens the file, executes your flag rules on it, and inserts that data into your database. It can alert you if a file fails to arrive on time, cannot be opened, or fails one of your quality control checks.


Windographer Monitor is available under a subscription license only. The price of a subscription depends on the number of data sets you need to monitor.


To use Windographer Monitor, you must have a database that meets the specifications of Windographer Enterprise. The database can reside on your own hardware or anywhere you wish. Windographer Monitor simply connects to your database via ODBC Data Source or connection string. Hardware and database costs, maintenance, and security are all up to you, and the data remains under your control at all times.

Holders of Windographer Professional or Standard edition licenses can upgrade to the Enterprise edition at any time.