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Windographer Refund and Return Policy

Withing 30 days of purchasing a license, you may return that license for a full refund provided that you have not yet activated the license. Once you have activated the software, you cannot return the license for refund.

If you purchased multiple licenses and received a volume discount, and then you return some of those licenses for refund, your refund amount will be equal to the original value of your invoice minus the amount you would have paid had you purchased the lesser number of licenses. For example, if you buy two Pro licenses at a 10% volume discount for 2 * US $1,800 * 0.9 = US $3,240, and you return one of those licenses, then the corrected value of your purchase would be US $1,800, so your refund amount would be US $3,240 - US $1,800 = US $1,440.