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FAQ Purchasing and Licensing

Buying Windographer

How much does it cost?

Windographer comes in three editions: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise, at prices ranging from US $1050 to $ 3150 for permanent licenses, or US $420 to US $1260 per year for annual subscriptions. Volume discounts apply if you buy three or more licenses at once, and academic discounts are available. The Pricing page contains details.

Can I try it before I buy it?

Yes, you can download it from this website and use it for free for 14 days. You will need to purchase a license to continue using it after that. The trial license gives you access to the Professional edition with full features. After 14 days, if you do not purchase a license, the functionality will reduce to the reader edition.

How can I buy it?

Use our secure e-commerce facility on this website to purchase Windographer by credit card, or choose to pay later and receive an invoice. You will receive a purchase code that you can enter into Windographer to activate your license.

What if I can’t pay by credit card?

Just choose pay later during the purchase process. You will receive an invoice and a purchase code immediately via email, and you can pay via wire transfer. The only catch is that you can't activate your license until we receive payment.

Do you charge an annual fee?

Not if you buy a permanent license. Permanent licenses have no recurring fees, but major upgrades (e.g. v3 to v4) require an upgrade fee. Subscribers pay an annual fee that covers all upgrades.

How does the subscription compare to the permanent license?

It's the same software either way, but the subscription offers a different way to pay. The subscription has a lower initial cost and predictable future costs, and it provides immediate access to upgrades as soon as they become available. For example, if six months into your subscription we release the next major version, you will can upgrade to it for free. The permanent license is more expensive up front, but entails no future costs unless you decide to upgrade to a new major release at some point.

Updates and Upgrades

Does the price of a license include updates?

Yes, updates are always free for subscribers and permanent license holders. We define updates as small improvements to the existing version of the software, such as bug fixes or small feature additions.

What’s the difference between an update and an upgrade?

We define an upgrade as a major new release of the software with new features and functionality. We issue a major new release roughly once every two years. Subscribers receive major upgrades for free. Those who have purchased permanent licenses of the previous version of Windographer have the option to upgrade to the newer version at a discounted price.

I already have a Windographer 1 or 2 license. How can I upgrade to Windographer 4?

Version 1 and 2 customers can purchase Windographer version 4 from our website. They do not receive upgrade discounts. 

I already have a Windographer 3.x license. How can I upgrade to Windographer 4?

Version 3 customers will receive an upgrade discount on Windographer 4.  You can use your purchase code to obtain this discount during the online purchase of v4.  Contact us for more information.


Do you provide free technical support?

Yes, and we do our best to respond quickly.  We always welcome feedback, feature requests, bug reports, criticism, praise, flowers...

Will I receive any documentation or manual?

Not on paper, no. This website gives an overview of the software, and the help files contain detailed explanations of all its features.

Managing Licenses

What do I do after I buy a license?

When you purchase one or more licenses from this website, you will receive a purchase code that you can use to activate your license in Windographer’s License Management window, which appears in the Help menu.

What do I do after I upgrade my license?

When you purchase an upgrade from version 3 to version 4, please deactivate your v3 license, then download and install v4, then use the new purchase code to activate your v4 license.

Do I have to be connected to the Internet?

You do not have to be connected to the Internet to use Windographer. But you do have to be connected to the Internet to activate or deactivate your license, at which time Windographer communicates with our licensing server. Windographer transmits no personal information during this process.

What happens if I replace my computer or re-install Windows?

If possible, deactivate your Windographer license before switching computers. Then, simply re-install Windographer on the new computer and activate the license with your purchase code. If you cannot deactivate your license on the first computer, please contact us for assistance.

Can I install Windographer on multiple computers?

Yes, but each license can be active on only one computer at a time. So if buy a single license, you will have to deactivate it one computer before activating it on another. You can activate and deactivate any number of times, with a single click in the License Management window in Windographer.

Can I transfer a license from one computer to another?

Yes, just deactivate the license on one computer, then activate it on another, using the License Management window. It’s a piece of cake.

Can I transfer a license from one person to another?

Yes. If you deactivate one Windographer license, it immediately becomes available for someone else to activate using the same purchase code.

Can multiple people share a single Windographer license?

Yes. You can install Windographer to one computer that multiple people share, or you can install it on multiple computers and take turns activating the license on one computer at a time.

Why does my license show as expired but my co-worker who uses the same computer does not?

If several use the same computer, you can use the "License for All users" option in the License Management window to license for different users on the same computer. To license for all users, you must run Windographer with Windows administrator rights, meaning that you have to right click on the executable file and select 'Run as administrator'. The executable file has the name 'Windographer.exe', and appears by default in the folder 'C:\Program Files\Mistaya\Windographer' in the English version of Windows.

If you do not enable this option, the Windographer license applies to a particular Windows user account on a particular computer.

Do you use USB keys or dongles to regulate licenses?


Can we install Windographer on a network server?

No, the end user license agreement (to which you must agree when you install Windographer) prohibits installation to a shared server.

Other Questions

Do you offer an academic discount?

Yes. If you promise to use Windographer for strictly educational and non-commercial purposes, we offer a sweet discount. Please contact us requesting an academic discount, and we will send you a discount code that you can enter during the purchase process on this website.

Do you provide Windographer on a CD?

No. You can burn a copy to CD if you wish, but you will still need to obtain a license for each active copy of Windographer.

What is our VAT number?

US companies do not have VAT numbers.  Our tax number is 14-1813081.