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Here's what some of our customers are saying about Windographer:

"Windographer has been very helpful for us and is by far the most user friendly 'wind related' software I have used."

~ Andreas Maragos
Rokas Renewables, Greece

"Clear instructions and a mindbogglingly awesome product!"

~ Alex Roder
West Texas A&M, USA

"I’ve yet to dream-up an analysis that cannot be done with your marvelous program."

~ Dr. Michael Tough
West Coast Energy, UK

"Windographer is like Excel in some kind of dream, like getting a bike after walking everywhere. Everywhere I thought 'I’d like to do that' – it had a box or option to do it, and present it the way I wanted. You could learn from the data instead of battling it."

~ Dave Burgess
Endurance Wind Power, Canada

"Excellent customer service, congratulations!!!!!! Very seldom these days."

~ Alexander Miniboeck
The Power Service Group, Dominican Republic

"These changes are brilliant – once again you guys are the bomb."

~ David Wahl
Aurecon, New Zealand

"I never have had problems with Windographer. It makes life easier for all of us involved in wind energy."

~ Omar Guillen Solis
Gas Natural Fenosa Engineering, Mexico

"I found it immediately 'way too useful to live without'!"

~ Ruth Douglas Miller
Kansas State University, USA

"I've been playing with the MCP module and the upshot is.....fantastic. It gives almost identical results to my current application, but in a fraction of the time. Just like everything else in provides maximum clarity with minimum fuss."

~ David Blake
DP Energy, Australia

"I now can't live without the MCP module."

~ David Blake
DP Energy, Australia

"Windographer is the perfect tool for wind data analysis. Apart from being very user-friendly, it has all the required features for daily quality checks during monitoring and for data cleaning and correction after monitoring. I would highly recommend it to any wind resource engineer!"

~ Karim Fahssis
Ecoren Energy, India

"We love it. It is rare to find products these days that can save so much time and effort within hours of opening the box!"

~ Jeff MacAulay
Endurance Wind Power, Canada

"You guys have the best tech support in the industry."

~ Michael McCormick
McCormick Consulting, USA

"We consider Windographer an excellent software. It comes with all the possibilities we need, and it is not only a basic tool in our daily work, but it is a real pleasure to work with it."

~ Norbert Hackenberg
Empresa Nacional de Electricidad, Bolivia

"Windographer is the best app to hit the wind industry in a long time - it's saved me so much time."

~ Josef Tadich
Alstom Wind, Australia

"We consider Windographer a critical tool and incorporate it into all of our analyses."

~ Geoff Brown
Element Power, USA

"I find Windographer by far the most user-friendly wind tool I've used."

~ Tim Stevens
TCI Renewables, UK

"With meteorological towers operating in 13 states, WindPole needed software tools to monitor 'health' of our sensors. Windographer has saved us time and money and enabled us to provide better service to our development and operations clients."

~ Steve Kropper
WindPole Ventures, USA

"Windographer is a great product and it has become indispensible."

~ Greg Cisz
Third Planet Windpower, USA

"One of the key Windographer attributes, for me, is the rapid ability to graphically illustrate the various elements of the wind data record – the most user friendly tool on the market."

~ Clint Purkiss
Roaring 40s Renewable Energy, Australia

"Windographer plays an ever increasingly important role in our wind resource assessments and I want to thank you for putting such a wonderful product out there that tailors to our needs."

~ Chad Ringley
Pattern Energy Group, USA

"Windographer has been so helpful to us. Not only do I use it for wind energy applications, but I have also used it to look at PSD met data and for tripod-level data sets used for noise analyses. Thanks for a great product."

~ Rebecca King
CH2M Hill, USA

"There is no more complete and simple tool to use in analysis and quality control of wind data than Windographer. It is also essential when using any wind farm design software.”"

~ Erick Castro
Renova Energia, Brazil

"Windographer is exceptionally useful. What it lacks in frills, it makes up for with its range and depth of functionality. We use it for everything from data quality monitoring to preliminary project feasibility analyses. Above all, Windographer achieves the unique balance of automating common and complex tasks while still allowing enough freedom to use the software creatively. The detailed help articles and the clear commitment to meaningful version updates also contribute to the excellent value of this software."

~ Drew Kenworthy
Eolian Renewable Energy, USA

"Windographer is a very nice tool to use with students since it is so intuitive."

~ David Kennell
Illinois State University, USA

"I've been extremely happy with Windographer and impressed with its combination of user-friendliness, powerful functionality, and seamless integration with other software packages. I've had a few minor hiccups, but these have been clarified quickly through your tech support."

~ Alek Duerksen, PhD student
Virginia Tech, USA

"BHE has found Windographer exceptionally useful in its ability to visually display complex wind data. The figures it is capable of generating have helped support reports, presentations, and general internal and client conversations regarding wind project development. The program itself is very user friendly and promotes use from entry level to highly trained wind experts. We are pleased with our decision to utilize Windographer and will continue to use it for the foreseeable future."

~ Matt Bruck
BHE Environmental, USA

"Windographer’s ability to combine tremendous functionality with user friendliness is for us its most impressive attribute. We find particular value in its ability to generate computer models of various turbines’ performance against our data sets of actual wind conditions. The tech support is outstanding as well. We couldn’t do our analysis work as easily, quickly or hassle free without the Windographer package!"

~ Jim Ryan
ASI Power & Telemetry, Costa Rica

"I have been using Windographer for over 3 years now and I love it. Great software."

~ Pablo Gottfried
Fuerza Eolico, Mexico

"We have found Windographer as a strong tool for different analyses that we perform on the bankable wind data assessments and bankable energy yield prognoses for our clients. Windographer offers various important analyses and display features and is easy to use. Above all, we like to use Windographer in the educational courses and events we hold. Especially we appreciate the assistance and support that staff of Mistaya Engineering Inc. have provided us."

~ Andreas Jansen
German ProfEC GmbH, Germany

"Windographer is the best thing since sliced bread."

~ Anonymous university professor

"I literally downloaded Windographer 15 minutes ago, and have already used it to produce several graphs I needed for a report. Your software is so elegant and easy use that I felt compelled to say thank you for making it publicly available."

~ Sarah Henderson
UBC, Canada

"It's really impressive that you are so responsive with client feedback."

~ Douglas Vaught, P.E.
V3 Energy, USA

"I'm very impressed by the level of automation in Windographer."

~ Margo Guda
Fundashon Antiyano Pa Energia
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

"Windographer is one of the best software programs I have encountered for visually representing and analyzing sodar data."

~ Josh Underwood
Atmospheric Systems Corporation, USA

"You guys rock."

~ Terrance Meyer
Chinook Wind, USA

"Windographer is the most useful instrument in data analysis."

~ Maksim Gridasov