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Windographer joins AWS Truepower

Windographer has come a long way since I sold the first license back in 2005. It’s now used by most of the leading wind power developers and consultants on earth, and taught in universities on every continent. The team developing and supporting Windographer has grown to include four people, and the user community now numbers in the thousands.

Today begins a new chapter for the Windographer team and for me. We have joined forces with AWS Truepower, a company with vast expertise in renewable power, a suite of products that complement Windographer nicely, and a track record of producing powerful software (Openwind) that works well with all the data formats and the other software used in the industry.

Together we will work to advance Windographer farther and faster than we could have done on our own, adding greater technical depth and more powerful features. Windographer will continue to be available as it always has been, and you can expect the same customer focus and top-notch technical support from the same team that you have come to know.

The best part of this job is meeting and talking with you, the people that use Windographer. Thank you so much for your business, for your suggestions and encouragement, and for the trust you’ve placed in us over the years. We’ll keep working to earn your trust, and I look forward to it – now more than ever. The future’s bright!

Kind regards,

Tom Lambert




Windographer 3 with MCP

We are now selling Windographer 3.   More than a year in the making, we are particularly excited about the Measure-Correlate-Predict feature.  We look forward to hearing what you think about it.  

Multiple Editions

Now you can pay for just those features you need. See the Compare Editions page for details.